Time Capsule

The Grief Reality

I slipped into the realm of memory the other day. My laptop was heartbreakingly slow, and warnings of low memory haunted my screen. After deleting many things, I knew I could not put off delving into my photos for much longer. I would have to delete some photos for the sake of my speed. No important pictures, just screenshots, extra photos, and things like that.

My photo album on my laptop, is a cache. It is a cache of photos from everyone in my family. To slip into those 13,000 photos, I relive days I buried.

When I took Mums iPad to university, I moved her photos onto my laptop. So the very first photo is my lovely mum in a blue ballgown, taken on the 14th of September, 2013. I would have been 13. The royal blue of Mum’s dress brightens and flaunts her clear blue eyes. A faint…

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